Academically distinguished faculty in the fields of economics and management sciences (economics, accounting, maritime transport more


Excellence in teaching and research environment to contribute in the fields economic studies more


Prepare qualified scientific personel in the various economic, administrative, commercial and developmental fields ... read more

Faculty Objetives

  1. Producing scientifically qualified individuals equipped with the most recent developments in the fields of economics, commerce, and development related specializations.
  2. Providing practical training for the students on how to interact effectively with their socio – economic environment and the rational exploitation of available domestic scarce resources.
  3. Conducting scientific research and studies in the fields of economics, sociology, and development to mutually achieve society’s goals of welfare and prosperity.
  4. Providing Advisory services for public and private organizations and institutions.
  5. Expanding  the domain of knowledge and work to formulate distinguishable relationships with various universities, organizations, and research centers and holding conferences and workshops.
  6. Adding considerable contributions to research in the fields of economic and social development. 
  7. Coordinating efforts with organizations and related bodies working in the field in the domestic, regional, and international levels. 
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